IQ NRW Teilprojekt: "IQ Anerkennungs- und Qualifizierungsberatung für Geflüchtete in den Integration Points Herford/Minden"

Objectives and approach of the subproject

As part of the IQ subprojects "Intercultural Sensitization, Advice and Aupport for Labor Market Players in Bielefeld" and the "IQ Recognition and Qualification Advice Center MOZAIK in Bielefeld", MOZAIK gGmbH advised more than 1000 people seeking advice in the period from January 2012 to June 2016, so that the counselors have a great deal of professional experience. Because of the cross-cultural team of MOZAIK gGmbH, those seeking advice could be supported by the Arabic, English, Kurdish, Persian, Portuguese, Spanisch and Turkish-speaking staff.

Our subproject objective is the recognition and qualification consultation and the competence assessment for refugees in the Integration Points of the Federal Employment Agency in Herford / Minden. Advice on professional recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad and qualification counseling in the context of the Recognition Act should help to assist those seeking advice to achieve full equivalence of their professional qualifications. The advice seekers should be shown ways to use the qualifications acquired abroad in the context of career development in Germany. The offer includes individual referral and initial consultation (multilingual if required) and competence assessment in a "consulting room" in the Integration Points Herford / Minden and the consulting rooms of MOZAIK in Bielefeld.


The IQ NRW subprojekt has the following offers: 

  1. Individual referral consultations and group information events.

  2. Cooperation with regional consulting organizations.

  3. Organization and participation in regional working groups with the aim of provinding exchange of information on IQ relevant topics.
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